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Vocabulario en inglés de síntomas y signos de enfermedad

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms are also known as complaints:

  • Cigarettes can aggravate the symptoms of a cold.
  • Mr. Barns was admitted complaining of chest pain → abbreviation c/o chest pain. 

What patients say

feel tired
  • I feel completely worn out.
  • I feel completely exhausted at the end of the day.
  • I don´t feel well.
  • I´m not in good health.
weight loss/gain
  • I´m not eating. My appetite is very poor.
  • Recently, I´m eating too much and I´m gaining weight.


Symptom Signs
allergy watery eyes, runnny nose, itchyto have an uncomfortable feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch; to make your skin feel like this eyes, cough
malaise general feeling of being unwell
chest pain shortness of breath, pressure or tightness on chest, sweating, nausea,
wheezingto breathe noisily and with difficulty fatigue, blue coloured on skin or lips,chest pain or tightness
anorexia loss of appetite, exessive weight loss, abnormal desire to loose weight.
diabetes hunger or fatigue, dry mouth or itchy skin, urinating frequently, blurrednot clear; without a clear outline or shape vision, dizziness

Fill the gaps with right symptom word. 

Symptoms and Signs